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The dissemination of information related to agronomic crop production is crucial to the success of the agriculture industry in Louisiana. This information is distributed by various sources and through multiple methods. The primary purpose of this study was to determine the preferences of Louisiana agronomic crop producers and crop consultants in regards to acquiring information related to their agricultural operations. A secondary purpose was to determine how agronomic crop producers perceived selected LSU AgCenter information sources on accuracy, awareness and frequency of use. Data for the study were obtained through surveys completed by 176 agronomic crop producers and 32 crop consultants. The data were analyzed to determine the two groups’ perceptions of various information sources on issues of usefulness, frequency of use and the preference of particular sources. The participants’ perceptions of selected LSU AgCenter information sources were also analyzed for awareness, frequency of use and accuracy. The majority of agronomic crop producers were white (99.4%). Their average age was 48.6 years old, and they had been farming agronomic crops for an average of 25.2 years. The majority of the crop consultants in the study were white (100%), male (96.9%) and were college graduates (96.9%). The findings indicated that both groups actively used many of the information sources featured in the study. Consultants were the most preferred source for agronomic crop producers followed closely by sources affiliated with the LSU AgCenter. For consultants, LSU AgCenter personnel were the most preferred source followed closely by other crop consultants and LSU AgCenter print materials. Both groups had a similar preference toward interpersonal information sources. Mass media sources were scored lower by both groups. Because both groups had a preference toward interpersonal communication, organizations that plan to communicate with these two groups should include an interpersonal communication component in any information campaigns. Additionally, it is important for a source to be perceived by agronomic crop producers as a source that disseminates accurate information. According to producers, accuracy is a crucial characteristic in terms of the usage of an information source.



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