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David P. Rossow (b. 1975) is a contemporary American composer and arranger of choral works, music for jazz ensemble, and most recently, songs for solo voice and piano. This document serves as a performer’s guide to Rossow’s songs for baritone/low male voice and piano, Three Shakespeare Sonnets and Three A.E. Housman Songs. Chapter 1 is comprised of relevant biographical information about the composer from early childhood to present (2014). Chapters 2 and 3 are performance guides to Three Shakespeare Sonnets and Three A.E. Housman Songs, respectively. Included in these chapters are the following: date of composition; source of poetry; harmonic structure and features; range and tessitura; meter/changing meters; dynamic ranges; shape of vocal line with recommended approaches; and interpretive suggestions for performance. Chapter 4 contains summary/concluding remarks as well as information pertaining to compositional style. Following the bibliography are the appendices containing transcriptions of interviews with the composer, a listing of Rossow’s works to-date, and a letter of permission. Readers of this document will gain further insight into the life and compositional style of American composer, David P. Rossow, as well as an in-depth survey of his Three Shakespeare Sonnets and Three A.E. Housman Songs for the purposes of future research, further study, preparation, and performance. It is this author’s hope that the information found herein will inspire teachers and singers alike to adopt this repertoire as a permanent fixture when programming contemporary American music



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