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The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) represents a free resource to the church musician, and yet, as a user-edited database, has its limitations. This monograph provides a measure of quality control of the broad database presenting a usable resource guide for the church musician faced with the selection and presentation of liturgically suitable choral works every Sunday. Previous guides have been either so general that they make it difficult to locate music or so specific that they highlight individual publishers or composers. This document provides a methodology for selection and classification of freely reproducible choral literature appropriate for the various requirements of the liturgical year. In 1998, Rafel Ornes created the CPDL an Internet-based, free sheet music website specializing in choral music. Currently, it boasts over 13,000 scores contributed by individual users. This collection of music provides conductors with an opportunity for efficient examination of scores on their computer, eliminating the need for on-site examination at various libraries. Consequently, this guide assists the church musician in the selection of freely available, quality literature for the Liturgical Year. The works included in the resource guide were selected to represent thematically appropriate music for a given Sunday in the Liturgical Year. The works were further delimited, by selecting editions that were quality editions accessible for rehearsal and performance. When determining the level of difficultly, a new classification system was developed that has the potential for broader applications in the world of choral music.



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