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This document presents a pilot study for evaluating the serious artistic merit of unaccompanied solo trumpet literature. The model for use in the study was derived from the efforts of two wind band literature researchers, Acton E. Ostling, Jr. and Jay W. Gilbert. Ostling wrote his dissertation in 1978 and Gilbert replicated and updated the research in 1993. The primary element of the Ostling and Gilbert studies was a carefully defined collection of ten criteria used to evaluate the quality of each work. A 5-point Likert scale was the unit of measurement. The outcome of this adaptation was a rank ordered list of unaccompanied solo trumpet works, which were judged to be works of "serious artistic merit." 197 works were evaluated by sixteen evaluators and twenty-six works were judged to qualify as possessing serious artistic merit. One other element made this study unique. All the research occurred via the Internet. The panel, data presentation and data collection were completed through net resources. Analysis of the results suggested additional research that would function as a verification of evaluators' results. It was determined that an analysis of several works, earning the label "serious artistic merit," should be analyzed for structure and content to determine what characteristics were present that warranted the high rating they received. Three works were evaluated by a single person and received scores of 100%. After eliminating those three works, twenty-one works remained. A cursory survey of the scores revealed three works as having scores above 90%. I will provide further statistical analysis that demonstrates a significant difference between a score of 90% and scores above 90%. Based on the assumption that my statistical analysis is correct, the three works receiving additional analysis are Etude #2 - Du Style by Theo Charlier, Parable XIV by Vincent Persichetti and Solus by Stanley Friedman.



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