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ABSTRACT The purpose of the current exploratory-descriptive study was to examine the role of school social workers in Louisiana (N = 378) and the relationship of roles in different school settings and with different caseload sizes. The information gained was used to develop a conceptual model of practice and a job description for Louisiana school social workers. In addition, predictors of the types of practice approaches and practice activities used in the different school employment settings and with different caseload sizes were also included. The school social workers were employed in school districts in Louisiana and completed an online or mail survey regarding their practice of school social work. Ordered logit analyses were conducted to determine which variables predicted the use of certain practice approaches and practice activities. Findings showed that employment in traditional public schools predicted more use of assessment and evaluation and less use of professional development and supervision, group counseling, classroom groups, and family-based practice. Employment in school-based health clinics predicted less use of professional development and supervision. Larger caseload sizes predicted more use of case management. Other findings showed that the more years of practice a social worker had the more the use of assessment and evaluation, more professional development and supervision, and more use of negative reinforcement. The more years of practice for school social workers the less direct services and less individual counseling were used. The younger the social worker, the less assessment and evaluation were used. The older the social worker, the less negative reinforcement was used. Finally, females used more indirect services and less individual counseling. Implications for social work practice, education, and research are discussed.



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