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The goal of this project is to create a wind band transcription of the chamber work City Boy by Judd Greenstein. Greenstein describes his own music as being “built on contrasts and juxtapositions between the jittery, competing pulses of the New York City streets where he grew up and the placid landscapes of the rural farm land he now calls home.”1 His music is also influenced by his passion for contemporary popular music genres, specifically hip-hop and rap. This duality is a major aspect of Greenstein’s musical language, which he describes as “a genre- fluid musical infrastructures that endeavors to open new channels of participation and representation in contemporary music.”2

The purpose of this project is ultimately to contribute a new work to the overall body of wind band literature in addition to exposing the medium to a composer that has not written for it much previously.3 Exposing his musical language and innovative perspective would fit well within the wind band medium and hopefully encourage more collaboration between his music and the wind band medium, as well as other composers with similar musical approaches and influences.



Committee Chair

Talley, Damon S.