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This dissertation explores the musical legacy of Catalan composer Maria Rosa Ribas Monné, emphasizing the influence of the Catalan context on her compositions and recognizing the contributions of Spanish women in music, particularly in cello music. Through an in-depth exploration of Maria Rosa's life, musical perspective, and analysis of her works "Faust", "Disperato,"and "Record d'una música," this study unveils pivotal insights into her artistic journey. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive catalogue of her compositions, providing a detailed overview of her musical output.

The dissertation begins by examining how M. Rosa Ribas' deep connection to Catalan culture, influenced by poet Màrius Torres, shapes her musical identity. It delves into her musical influences, including Xavier Montsalvatge, Carles Guinovart, and Arnold Schoenberg, and analyzes the interplay between her artistic vision and the compositions discussed.

Ultimately, M. Rosa Ribas 's compositions emerge as powerful expressions of the Catalan literary tradition. This dissertation offers valuable insights into the dynamic interaction between music, culture, and identity, reaffirming the enduring significance of Maria Rosa Ribas Monné's contributions to the musical landscape.



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Parker, Dennis