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This study aims to delve into and interpret “The Mysterious Sound of Flute” and “Poems on Western Yunnan” from a singer’s perspective while also providing guidance and recommendations for other performers. The research encompasses the history of Chinese art songs, a biography of Shande Ding, and an introduction to his compositional style. A comprehensive examination of each song includes background information, song analysis, translation, a Chinese lyric diction guide, and performance suggestions.

Art songs constitute a significant genre in music composition, and Chinese art songs have yielded numerous outstanding composers and captivating works over the years. Among these composers, Shande Ding stands out as one of the prominent figures in 20th-century China, showcasing a diverse range of works characterized by a distinctive style. Grounded in Chinese ethnic music traditions, his works boldly incorporate Western modern techniques, thus establishing a notable position in the field of Chinese art songs. “The Mysterious Sound of Flute” and “Poems on Western Yunnan” serve as representative pieces within Shande Ding’s art song repertoire. Despite their initially limited popularity, these two compositions have gradually gained recognition in recent years, capturing widespread attention.



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Moon, Sandra