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The history of racism and racial violence is embedded in the fabric of America and has driven Black people to develop strategies to navigate society that racism has produced. “The Talk” is a racial socialization practice and cultural phenomenon that has existed within Black families for centuries and remains a necessity due to the ongoing acts of racism and violence of Black Americans. Prior research has found that parents rear their children based on their own lived experiences, which many Black Americans have experienced or have been exposed to racism and racial violence. Yet, there are few empirical studies that explore the racial socialization practices of Black parents, especially of Black fathers, and far less that examine The Talk. This study aims to add to existing scholarship on “The Talk” and Black fatherhood by using photovoice to explore “The Talk” and lessons that Black fathers teach their children about race and racism in America. The participants of this study will consist of 28 Black fathers and father figures that were genetically born male. This work has strong implications for the development of parenting curriculums to assist families to discuss race and racism, as well as to identify ways to safely advocate for themselves and others during a racist encounter.



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Chaney, Cassandra

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