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This dissertation delves into the figure of Spanish composer Salvador Brotons, focusing on his solo piano works, particularly his Piano Sonata, Op. 124. Through performative and music theory analyses, it aims to deepen musicians' understanding of Brotons's compositional style, providing insights into his musical language and influences. Key questions addressed include Brotons's compositional style, influences in his music, and the necessary insights for effective performance. Brotons, a multifaceted musician, excels not only as a composer but also as an instrumentalist, conductor, and educator, enriching each role with his diverse expertise. The study concentrates on his piano compositions while acknowledging his broader musical endeavors. The Sonata, Op. 124 exemplifies Brotons's adept fusion of classical structure with modern musical idioms, challenging pianists to master technical proficiency and artistic sensitivity. Ultimately, Brotons's Sonata Op. 124 emerges as a testament to his skillful synthesis of tradition and innovation within the framework of the sonata form.



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Gurt, Michael