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Although research about cancer survivors’ attitudes and beliefs about post-treatment nutrition and physical activity has been conducted in other countries, few studies were conducted in the southeastern United States where cancer incidence is high. In the descriptive study, 78 cancer survivors and 35 healthcare professionals (oncologist and dietitians) residing in Southeast Louisiana completed a customized survey investigating attitudes about post treatment cancer prevention recommendations. Qualtrics was used for data collection of electronic and paper survey results and SPSS was utilized for data analysis. Results of the cancer survivor survey found that few cancer survivors received referrals to a dietitian (37%) or exercise professional (14%) within 2 months of completing active treatment. A large number (81.5%) of cancer survivors indicated making positive food changes since completion of treatment, but many (30.8%) reported struggling with limiting sugar sweetened beverages and foods. A statistically significant difference was found with higher intention to use post-treatment nutrition and physical activity recommendations and gender (t(52) = 2.64, p =.011), but no differences noted between race or level of education. The oncologists and dietitians survey results indicated a large number of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with cancer prevention recommendations being before (75%) and after (68.8%) completion of active treatment. Intention to make nutrition and physical activity recommendations was indicated more by dietitians than oncologists. Statistical significance was found between intention to make nutrition and physical activity recommendations and profession (rpb = .43; p = .016), but not years of practice or number of nutrition education courses taken. Results from this study highlights the need for consistent nutrition education and physical activity updates for cancer survivors and oncologists, post-treatment referrals to dietitians and exercise professionals, and targeted interventions that educate cancer survivors during and after treatment to reduce cancer risk or recurrence in the southern United States.



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Cater, Melissa

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