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The primary purpose of this study is to determine the influence of objective self-awareness and selected demographic characteristics on the perceived psychological safety of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) employees. The target population for this study was LADOTD employees. The experimentally accessible population consisted of employees who have taken one of the required leadership courses within the last three years. A total of 219 employees participated in the study and 194 provided usable responses.

This study used a researcher-designed instrument. The instrument consisted of sections from in the literature. The final instrument consisted of 25 statements and was divided into four sections. Overall, this study did not establish a model between the two variables, and the results did not equate to a model explaining a significant portion of the variance in team psychological safety.

Based on these findings, the researcher recommends that more research is conducted to further validate the research instrument, including other public sector organizations as well as private sector organizations. The researcher also recommends that organizations assess their promotion of creativity and fun in the workplace, as well as conduct stay interviews instead of relying on engagement surveys.



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Burnett, Michael F.

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