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Experimental Music & Digital Media

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The Cyberinet is a new Augmented instrument designed to easily and intuitively provide a method of computer-enhanced performance to the Clarinetist to allow for greater control and expressiveness in a performance. A performer utilizing the Cyberinet is able to seamlessly switch between a traditional performance setting and an augmented one. Towards this, the Cyberinet is a hardware replacement for a portion of a Clarinet containing a variety of sensors embedded within the unit. These sensors collect various real time data motion data of the performer and air fow within the instrument. Additional sensors can be connected to the Cyberinet to further expand its capabilities, which allows for the unit to become customizable based on various performance needs. The collected data is then transferred to a computer via Bluetooth connectivity in order to use the data in any number of potential electroacoustic performance settings. Augmented instruments have been around in some form for almost as long as instruments, but have had a relatively recent explosion in presence and capabilities due to the progression of technology through the 20th and 21st centuries. A modern augmented instrument can be defned as any acoustic instrument which has had it functionality increased through additional hardware components. One potential use of augmented instruments is to control audio processing on a computer utilizing Max or other software environments. By being able to control the music natural expressive means, the performer and composer are able to experiment with a variety of ways to make sound. A performer is able to hear their sounds and adjust their playing in order to change them in real time, or the sounds are able to react to a performer’s movements automatically. creation of future music. One new instrument that works to combine these two ideas is the Cyberinet. In addition to the instrument itself, a collection of Max objects are designed to utilize the Cyberinet’s data in various musical contexts. These Max objects were utilized in the performance the first four compositions for the Cyberinet in the Spring of 2023.



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Allison, Jesse