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Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville, a French royal violinist and composer, composed nine grands motets, including Dominus Regnavit, which gained significant popularity among the public. Especially, Dominus Regnavit is unique in its abundant imitative polyphony texture, skillful soloistic melody lines, and descriptive sound effects. The purpose of this research is to bring attention to Mondonville and his composition Dominus Regnavit and promote performance accessibility. Thus, the paper discusses a historical background of the grand motet, the features of Mondonville’s grand motet, and a detailed musical analysis of Dominus Regnavit. Additionally, the paper includes a brief overview of the historical standardization of Latin, a guide to the reformed French Latin pronunciation criteria, and French IPA for the text of Dominus Regnavit. Finally, the document reviews the Baroque performance practices and applies them to Dominus Regnavit, discussing tempo and spirit, rhythmic alterations such as notes inégales and overdotting, French trills and grace notes, haute-contre (high-tenor) parts, and basso continuo and supplemental instrumentation.



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Rowe, Alissa