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Despite the flourishing existence of Asian Art Music for over half a century, relatively little has been done to advance its recognition and prominence. Through this project, the author hopes to shed light on the beauty and richness of Asian Art Music and encourage its inclusion in the repertoire of American classical music. The purpose of this document is to supply a comprehensive performer’s guide to Malaysian composer, Chee Yean Wong’s song collections: “Mementos of Innocence” and “Three Yeats Songs.” The collections feature settings of English poems by Jean Blewett, Christina Rossetti, Edwin C. Ranck, Rabindranath Tagore, and William Butler Yeats. Chee Yean Wong is a skilled pianist, composer, arranger, and lecturer with a strong educational background and extensive performing experience. His works have been published and performed both within Malaysia and on international platforms. This document provides an overview of Chee Yean Wong’s biographical information and composition style, along with general information about the poets, interpretation of the poems, analysis of the compositions and provides practical advice for performers. Supplementing the document are several appendices, which include a catalogue of Wong’s published compositions and a transcription of an interview with the composer. Additionally, a letter of permission is included.



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Grayson, Robert