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The goal of this project is to create a wind band transcription of a work for a chamber music ensemble by Jeff Scott. Jeff Scott creates works that he considers “Urban Classical Music”. These works are rooted in European traditions and informed by his African American culture. His music is unapologetically influenced by the cultural experiences of his diverse, urban environment upbringing.

This project is intended to contribute to the overall body of wind band literature, specifically the body of wind band literature composed by underrepresented composers. There has been a lack of representation of African American composers throughout the history of western classical music, including the wind band medium, and this trend has continued into the twenty first century twenty-first century. The intention of this project is to take the work of a wonderful composer in our medium, and one who has not written for the wind band and create a transcription of his work in hopes to expose his voice and musical language to the wind band medium.



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Talley, Damon