Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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A nonlinear stabilizing control scheme based on Lyapunov theory is proposed for a grid- connected hybrid photovoltaic (PV)/ battery/supercapacitor (SC) system. The system dynamics is developed in the stationary reference frame, and the state-space model of the system is derived and used to formulate the Lyapunov function (LF) candidate. The global asymptotic stability of the LF-based controller is discussed in detail. The real-time implementation feasibility of the proposed control scheme is validated through hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) studies of a grid- connected hybrid system under solar energy generation and grid load variations. To address the issue of digital computational time that leads to delays in the grid-connected systems control, a novel delay-compensating stabilizing feedback is provided. The proposed control is based on delay-compensating chain predictors for bilinear systems, and it features real-time implementation feasibility and global asymptotic stability to desired reference trajectories. Real-time simulation results of a grid-connected PV/battery/SC verify the efficacy of our method in controlling its dynamics in the presence of digital implementation delays while ensuring the delivery of desired power to the grid.



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Farasat, Mehdi



Available for download on Thursday, April 04, 2024