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As a foundational learning skill set, reading acquisition is the basis on which all other formal educational knowledge is built. In the state of Louisiana, 42.3% (2022) of first graders are not reading on grade level, therefore providing targeted intervention by highly trained teachers is crucial for accelerating student progress. Considering the paucity of research on the impact of Reading Recovery® (RR) training on teachers’ capacity to teach, as well as my personal experience, the purpose of this phenomenologically informed case study was to explore the perceptions of RR training and subsequent influences on teaching pedagogical practices. This qualitative study utilized semi-structured interviews and a focus group discussion to investigate the perceptions of ten trained RR teachers that have been engaged in the practices of the program and then synthesize their experiences. Final themes that emerged included Powerful Components, Philosophy, Extension, and Value. Findings revealed that these RR teachers viewed the program in high professional regard. Deeper analysis indicated that the professional development component and the focus on individual student needs are what elevated the program’s worth for each of the participants. Everyday applications that evolved from this study include the merit of utilizing job-embedded and follow-up professional development opportunities for teachers when implementing any program and choosing interventions that focus on the needs of individual students as opposed to a one-size-fits-all program.



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Sulentic Dowell, Margaret-Mary



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