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School-based behavioral consultation is a way of providing psychological services to students through their teachers. This indirect service delivery model has been shown to be effective for improving academic and behavioral concerns. Typically, school-based behavioral consultation is conducted face-to-face (in-vivo) between consultants (psychologists) and consultee’s (teachers); however, current technologies have provided an alternative medium to communicate, via videoconferencing. Videoconferencing has been shown to be an effective alternative to face-to-face communication across many different practice domains and applications. Videoconferencing in schools, particularly for school-based behavioral consultation, may be a viable alternative. The proposed study evaluated the efficacy and acceptability of videoconferencing with teachers as an alternative means of conducting the problem identification interview of school-based behavioral consultation. A school psychology doctoral student interviewed teachers on two occasions (face-to-face and via videoconferencing) to obtain information about student problem behavior. The videoconferencing interviews were conducted across iPads using the videoconferencing software FaceTime. All interviews were video recorded and transcribed into text to code verbalizations, using the Consultation Analysis Record (CAR). Frequencies of verbalizations were totaled on the Consultation Analysis checklist (CAC) into 14 required categories. Data from the CAC was used to evaluate the efficacy of the interviews. Additionally, teachers completed two brief measures, the Fast Form of the Technology Acceptability Model (FF-TAM) and the Distance Communication Comfort Scale (DCCS) pre and post interviews. Data from The FF-TAM and DCCS was used to evaluate the acceptability of videoconferencing. Finally, moderators of the acceptability of videoconferencing were evaluated using a multiple regression analysis.



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