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Currently, there exists little scholarship on Dr. Jay Alan Yim’s percussion music, and none exists for :only.just.almost.never for solo vibraphone. Establishing a performance practice guide will allow future percussionists a glimpse into the compositional process of Yim and allow them to expand their repertoire to include this challenging music. The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive performance practice guide for :only.just.almost.never for solo vibraphone by Jay Alan Yim.

Resources Required

This project relies mainly on the score of :only.just.almost.never for solo vibraphone. I have also conducted multiple interviews with Yim regarding his compositional process, sketches, and companion pieces within this writing paradigm. It should be noted that this work can be played with Yim’s other modular works in his cycle for piano,[1] string quartet,[2] woodwind trio,[3] and chamber ensemble;[4] all of these scores are available from the composer.

Project Format

This project is a written performance practice guide for :only.just.almost.never for solo vibraphone.[5] Thus, it consists of pedagogical advice in learning and performing this work accompanied by specific score examples, visual diagrams, photos, and audio links. In addition, this paper discusses practical analyses of this composition’s complex rhythms. The author has recorded :only.just.almost.never, which has informed the pedagogical writings within this project.

[1] Jay Alan Yim, :[ten]dril (Shinkyoku Edition, 1999).

[2] Jay Alan Yim, :memo/ryCircle (Shinkyoku Edition, 1998).

[3] Jay Alan Yim, :circl/eSong (Shinkyoku Edition, 1997).

[4] Jay Alan Yim, :dreamin/gField (Shinkyoku Edition, 1997).

[5] Jay Alan Yim, :only.just.almost.never (Shinkyoku Edition, 2018).

Committee Chair

Dietz, Brett W.