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Physics & Astronomy

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Advanced performance of modern technology at a fundamental physical level is driving new innovations in communication, sensing capability, and information processing. Key to this improvement is the ability to harness the power of physical phenomena at the quantum mechanical level, where light and light-matter interactions produce technological advancement not realizable by classical means. Theoretical investigation into quantum computing, sensing capability beyond classical limits, and quantum information has prompted experimental work to bring state-of-the-art quantum systems to the forefront for commercial use. This dissertation contributes to the latter portion of the work. A set of preliminaries is included highlighting pertinent physical foundations for the experiments herein. Three experiments are then presented: (1) using twisted coherent light in multimode fibers for secure communication with machine learning, (2) conditional measurements for signal-to-noise ratio improvement of quantum plasmonic sensors, and (3) post-selected photon-number resolving measurements for quantum information processing using twisted pseudo-thermal light, with key results discussed for each investigation.

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Magaña-Loaiza, Omar S.