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School Psychology

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Classroom management skills are evidence-based strategies used to maintain a positive and productive learning environment. Utilizing classroom management strategies has been proven effective; however, limited tools are available for assessing such skills and further assessment of the reliability and dependability of such measures is needed. The Direct Behavior Rating – Classroom Management (DBR-CM) forms are measures for assessing classroom management and come in three forms: external rater (DBR-CM ER), self-report (DBR-CM SR), and student rater (DBR-CM ST). This study extended on the information obtained from the Cassidy (2018) study that examined the DBR-CM ER form. The study evaluated the inter-observer agreement among the DBR-CM ER and DBR-CM SR forms. Additionally, this study examined the variance contributing to the classroom management ratings for both the DBR-CM SR and DBR-CM ER forms. A fully crossed analytic design (p x d x m) with two facets, day (d: observations) and method (m: rater type), and person (p: teachers) as the object of measurement was created. A follow-up decision (D) study was conducted to assess the number of 10 minute observations required to conduct a reliable rating with the DBR-CM SR and DBR-CM ER forms.



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Gresham, Frank M