Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The term hybrid power grids refer to the combination of two power systems with different intrinsic characteristic. For instance, ac-dc grids and transmission-distribution systems are kinds of hybrid power grids. Challenges in analyzing the hybrid power grids arise since two sets of equations should be solved either simultaneously or sequentially. In the simultaneous (unified) methods, the ac and dc system of equations are solved simultaneously, while, in the sequential approaches, these equations are solved in an error loop. In this dissertation, a unified method is proposed for steady-state and fault analyses of hybrid ac-dc power grids, while a sequential approach is developed for the steady-state and stability analyses of transmission-distribution grids. The simplicity, speed, and accuracy are among the most important factors in developing the proposed methods. Here, it has been tried to propose methods that are simple in implementation and fast in performing while the accuracy is not compromised. Different scenarios are performed to show the functionality and advantages of the proposed methods over the current approaches.



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Mehraeen, Shahab