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Holcomb, Timothy Adam, B.M.E. Music Education, Wright State University, 2002 M.M. Music, Louisiana State University, 2006 Doctor of Musical Arts, Winter Commencement, 2012 Major: Vocal Performance; Minor: Vocal Pedagogy A Performance Guide to Leonard Lehrman’s A Light in the Darkness Dissertation directed by Professor Robert Grayson Pages in dissertation, 146. Words in abstract, 106. ABSTRACT Leonard Lehrman is primarily known as the leading expert on the works of Marc Blitzstein. He is a composer and conductor, and serves to provide a voice for Jewish poets and composers. This document presents Leonard Lehrman’s song cycle, A Light in the Darkness (White-Sailed Boat Upon the Ocean, Ne plus ultra, Reflection, Bitter Complaint, Legacy and Perpetual Reminder: Mauthausen, and A Brown Wolf: Arturo Ui). This document includes biographical information about the composer, Leonard Lehrman. The document also includes biographical information about the poet, Harry Oschitzki. This document includes an overview of the song cycle, and a performance guide for each song. The conclusion follows the song analyses. The appendices include the English texts from A Light in the Darkness, transcripts of interviews with the composer, a discography of vocal works, a list of vocal works, a letter of permission, and a personal vita.



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