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This dissertation explores how different stakeholders in Pakistan perceived the foreign professional development programs in one educational institution that had representation in the four provinces of Pakistan. This study provides the history of foreign professional development available to the teachers in particular, and the education system in general. Literature themes were identified using situated learning theory, and questions were designed for the teacher interviews, the school heads’ foreign trainer, and the system administrators. Questionnaires to collect rich data were distributed to stakeholders who could not be reached personally for the interviews.

This study found that, when content taught in these foreign professional development courses was developed in isolation, and taught without work-based implementation structures, it did not help in bridging the gap in the knowledge. The study identified weaknesses in the implementation of professional development programs. Stakeholders’ recommendations were recorded to improve the quality of teacher education in Pakistan.

From the findings the researcher suggested ways for the educational organization to implement, reflect, and evaluate on the future outcomes for better planning, implementation, and evaluation of these foreign professional development programs in Pakistan within the same educational organization.

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