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Women composers are underrepresented in the wind band medium. This study aims to determine the major factors for the disparity between men and women composers. I’ve transcribed a contemporary chamber music piece, Pale As Centuries by Sarah Kirkland Snider, for the wind band. Expanding on Snider’s existing work for chamber ensemble I will explore her compositional style and reinterpret the piece using the colors of the wind band.

A review of the literature focuses on trends within western music in the United States over the last century and establishes a documented history of institutionalized marginalization. In an interview with Snider I was able to interpret her perspective on her music as well as gender roles in music composition. Analysis of the piece supports Snider’s responses and reveals characteristics of her musical voice. This informed my decisions throughout the transcription process. The goal of the project is to offer a critique of the current inequity between men and women composers and submit a piece to the repertoire that exhibits the viability of compositions by women within the wind band.



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Talley, Damon