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Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation

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The main objective of this dissertation was to assess Louisiana State University College of Agriculture Faculty Members' Cultural Intelligence and Kenyan Workshop Participants' Knowledge and Attitude towards International Development Projects. The study examines key aspects that contribute to the implementation of international development projects: describing the landscape of what is known about international development projects in Kenya; assessing perceptions of faculty members of a southern United States land-grant university who are in charge of the development and implementation of international development projects; and evaluation of program impacts on selected local participants of a project in Kenya.

The overall findings of this study may allow the incorporation of different aspects to the design, recruitment and implementation of development projects. It is important to understand the characteristics of the different projects that are currently undergoing in the community and a review of literature allows this identification.

Every country and community will always have different needs that should be assessed and these characteristics are always important for the sustainability of these projects. It is important to accommodate projects as much as possible for the specific characteristics of the population of that community in order to obtain a higher impact of the project.



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Cater, Melissa



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