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This study is an attempt to examine the academic experiences among low SES, first-generation Black males who are excelling at select PWI’s in Louisiana. The images created of Black men in our society often confine them to environments shaped by drugs, crime, athletics, and academic failure. The path to upward mobility or economic success for African American men is often filled with obstacles and roadblocks. For a period of decades, there has been much research dedicated to African American male academic success and first-generation college students, whereas, the focus on low SES, first-generation Black males who excel at Predominantly White Institutions (PWI’s) in Louisiana has gone unstudied. College provides a pathway for students to explore themselves and their interests, to expand their social and cultural experiences, and to build a more promising career. Hiraldo (2010) suggest that the hope is that CRT can be used as a reference for institutions striving to become more inclusive through changes in diversity initiatives, infrastructure of institutions, and analysis of hostile environments. When thinking about these possible changes it is important for administrators to ask themselves how these potential changes continue to promote a racist structure.



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Varner, Kenny