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Timpanist, pedagogue, and composer Stanley Leonard has written over one hundred and twenty pieces for percussion, including solos, ensemble pieces, and method books. Several musical techniques are represented in his body of work, including traditional harmony, twelve-tone technique, graphic notation, and improvisation. The purpose of this document is to catalog all of these items into one source as a reference for other percussionists.

The document begins with biographical information, including his impressive performing career, his years as an educator, and the circumstances that led to his composition career. This required interviewing Leonard as well as reading several of the articles written about him. The list of pieces was compiled through the use of the catalog from the composer’s website,, the Sibley Library online catalog at the University of Rochester, and also visiting the composer’s home in Naples, Florida. The annotations required personal study of each item along with insight from the composer where needed. Each annotation was approached from the mindset of a percussion educator searching for repertoire for students.

This document also contains the instrumentations for all of the percussion ensemble pieces and the solo works that require more than a timpani console, as well as a list of works that Leonard has written outside of the percussion repertoire.



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Dietz, Brett