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Using knee wraps (KW) as an ergogenic aid has been commonly practiced in various sports such as powerlifting, strongman, and Olympic weightlifting. There is limited research investigating the effects of using KW during back squat (BS) and none regarding vertical jump (VJ). This dissertation investigates the effects of wearing KW on BS and VJ performance through a series of studies. The first study was designed to observe acute and long term effects of using KW on VJ performance. VJ performance decreased when KW were worn and was not considered an ergogenic aid for VJ. The second study was designed to observe the effects of wearing KW on BS performance and the effects of two BS protocols on VJ performance by measuring VJ immediately before and after the completion of each BS protocol. Force, velocity and power characteristics of the BS improved after repeated testing and training BS protocols. The protocols had no effect on VJ performance. The third study required participants to perform the BS protocols with and without KW with a heavier training load and repetition volume as well as perform more post-exercise VJ tests compared to the second study. Observations suggest wearing KW improves BS performance and that VJ is unaffected by BS protocols designed for strength. Observations regarding wearing KWs during the BS and VJ include: 1) reduced VJ height, 2) increased BS concentric force, velocity, and power, 3) reduced BS eccentric velocity, 4) prevent decreases in BS concentric velocity and power in protocols with heavy training loads. These studies had several limitations including: 1) small sample sizes in each study (eight to twelve subjects completed each study), 2) fitness/athleticism of population (recreationally active college age males), 3) accuracy of measuring devices used during data collection of the VJ height (Vertec ± 1 inch) and BS performance (linear position transducer: distance ± 1cm, time ± 0.001s), 4) using one knee wrap material and technique across three studies. Future studies should test: 1) stronger more athletic populations, 2) BS and VJ protocols with varying intensity, volume and rest times, 3) a variety of knee wrap materials and techniques.



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