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iFKO (iterative Floating point Kernel Optimizer) is an open-source iterative empirical compilation framework which can be used to tune high performance computing (HPC) kernels. The goal of our research is to advance iterative empirical compilation to the degree that the performance it can achieve is comparable to that delivered by painstaking hand tuning in assembly. This will allow many HPC researchers to spend precious development time on higher level aspects of tuning such as parallelization, as well as enabling computational scientists to develop new algorithms that demand new high performance kernels. At present, algorithms that cannot use hand-tuned performance libraries tend to lose to even inferior algorithms that can. We discuss our new autovectorization technique (speculative vectorization) which can autovectorize loops past dependent branches by speculating along frequently taken paths, even when other paths cannot be effectively vectorized. We implemented this technique in iFKO and demonstrated significant speedup for kernels that prior vectorization techniques could not optimize. We have developed an optimization for two dimensional array indexing that is critical for allowing us to heavily unroll and jam loops without restriction from integer register pressure. We then extended the state of the art single basic block vectorization method, SLP, to vectorize nested loops. We have also introduced optimized reductions that can retain full SIMD parallelization for the entire reduction, as well as doing loop specialization and unswitching as needed to address vector alignment issues and paths inside the loops which inhibit autovectorization. We have also implemented a critical transformation for optimal vectorization of mixed-type data. Combining all these techniques we can now fully vectorize the loopnests for our most complicated kernels, allowing us to achieve performance very close to that of hand-tuned assembly.



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