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A classical problem in the theory of differential equations is the classification of first-order singular differential operators up to gauge equivalence. A related algebro-geometric problem involves the construction of moduli spaces of meromorphic connections. In 2001, P. Boalch constructed well-behaved moduli spaces in the case that each of the singularities are diagonalizable. In a recent series of papers, C. Bremer and D. Sage developed a new approach to the study of the local behavior of meromorphic connections using a geometric variant of fundamental strata, a tool originally introduced by C. Bushnell for the study of p-adic representation theory. Not only does this approach allow for the generalization of diagonalizable singularities, but it is adaptable to the study of flat G-bundles for G a reductive group. In this dissertation, the objects of study are irregular singular flat GSp-bundles. The main results of this dissertation are two-fold. First, the local theory of fundamental strata for GSp-bundles is made explicit; in particular, the fundamental strata necessary for the construction of well-behaved moduli spaces are shown to be associated to uniform symplectic lattice chain filtrations. Second, a construction of moduli spaces of flat GSp-bundles is given which has many of the geometric features that have been important in the work of P. Boalch and others.



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