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The purpose of this study is to explore the way in which teachers visualize and internalize the effects of their practices and methodologies as it relates to the educational impact on millennial high school students (particularly Black males) and their preparedness for postsecondary education. The research intends to bring insight into the educational system where teachers are confronted with the task of minimizing the “achievement gap.” The perspective of the teacher is crucial in understanding the underlying issues experienced by the teacher who is responsible for educating the Millennial, Black male, high school student. The information gained through this research can prove beneficial in providing a resource for the professional development of all teachers, but especially those in teacher preparation programs as well as those encountering millennial students in their classrooms. It is the researcher’s intent to gain insight into the cognitive process used by instructional leaders in selecting methods of instructional delivery for millennial high school students. The researcher also anticipates exploring teachers’ vantage points while candidly expressing the constraints of navigating within a set curriculum not designed to meet the needs of all learners.



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