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Personality and its impact on work-related behaviors is an area of research that lacks an explanation of causal mechanisms. In this study, the influence of darker forms of personality (e.g., Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy) on workplace behaviors are examined to determine if these behaviors in turn influence job performance outcomes (e.g., task performance, organizational citizenship behaviors). Using socioanalytic theory, getting along and getting ahead behaviors are proposed as mediators for the transmission of dark personality’s impact on task performance. The theory is also used to examine the relationship between dark personality and targeted citizenship. Another important issue that is addressed is whether personality assessments rated by self and others diverge to describe the same individual. As more employers adopt some forms of personality assessment in their hiring processes (e.g., self-report, interviews, or coworker ratings), it is appropriate to test whether the mode of personality assessment (i.e., self or other) influences the prediction of personality measures on performance outcomes. The findings of this work further explicate the importance and impact of darker forms of personality on the workplace by showing that these traits and their form of assessment do have a meaningful impact.



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