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Although the cross-linker can comprise over 80% of the polymer composition, improving the nature of the cross-linker in molecularly imprinted polymers has not been studied extensively. The goal of this research is to develop novel cross-linking monomers to either use in the One MoNomer Molecularly Imprinted Polymer system (OMNiMIP) or use in conjunction with other commercially available cross-linkers and functional monomers. Chapter 2 contains research into the understanding of the performance of a new cross-linking monomer (N, O - bismethacryloyl ethanolamine, NOBE) discovered in the Spivak Research Group. The ability of this monomer to outperform traditional two monomer systems in a multiple template imprinting method was tested in Chapter 3. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss research that is related to the design and analyses of chiral cross-linking monomers. Several chiral monomers based on amino acid precursors were first developed to determine if increasing steric bulk would affect the ability of the polymer material to create a molecularly imprinted polymer. With this study, however, a surprising result was discovered when analyzing templates with the same and opposite stereochemistry. Due to the unique ability of the chiral monomers, an imprinted polymer containing a racemic mixture of a single template was prepared. The results did not show separation and further studies are under current study using monomers that contain more ionic and hydrogen bonding sites. Chapter 5 details the development and synthesis of several chiral multi-hydrogen/ionic bonding monomers. Chapter 6 describes research performed in collaboration with the Ye research group at Lund University. This research reports the use of NOBE to selectively imprint a neurological peptide fragment. Chapter 6 also briefly details future work needed in the development of novel cross-linkers.



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