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Unlike established chamber ensembles, which have an elevated public perception because of their rich history and works by well-known composers, tuba quartets are challenged with educating their audiences about the tuba and overcoming negative biases about their instruments and repertoire. Established in the mid-twentieth century, the tuba quartet is an important medium for increasing the instrument’s public exposure and introducing chamber music to university music students. This study analyzes the data of 1,236 tuba quartets listed in the "Music for Multiple Tubas: Four Parts" chapter by Charles McAdams and Kenyon Wilson in the Guide to the Tuba Repertoire: The New Tuba Source Book (GTR) to identify important trends in the development of tuba quartet repertoire. This document, which may be the first project of its kind to review such a large body of repertoire for a musical medium, identifies the most prevalent tuba quartet composers, arrangers, and publishers through 2005. The pedagogical emphasis of tuba quartets is evident in the ensemble’s relative isolation to university recital halls and brass instrumental association conferences. Accordingly, this document addresses pedagogical considerations ranging from a brief history of the tuba family, the importance of chamber music, the historical development of the tuba ensemble, and an examination of twenty selected tuba quartets with musical examples. Finally, the monograph contains eight appendices that discuss performance opportunities and rehearsal suggestions; identify fifty-three ensembles founded after 1970; provide a discography of thirty-six ensembles; offer contact information for tuba quartet publishers, and supply the complete catalog of 1,236 quartets gathered from the GTR with updated and additional information. Searchable catalogs and databases will be hosted online at



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