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The intelligence community is responsible for providing competent analysis and assessments pertaining to the many significant geo-political situations that may potentially or do effect the nation’s interests. The intelligence community has always experienced challenges living up to that charge, and while it may merely be a case of the nature of the profession, there are always lessons that can be learned and processes that may improve the analytical processes. Critical thinking is a cognitive process that may be able to provide that improvement to the analytical processes, and when an analytical framework is built by applying these cognitive skills, the analytical effort may become more focused and meaningful. This study examined an intelligence analysis framework that was built using specific cognitive critical thinking skills. It was demonstrated that intelligence analysis did improve, specifically with the novice analysts that participated, and there was demonstrated specificity in the respondents’ analyses. A panel of experts provided insight and content assurance that demonstrated the intelligence analysis and products produced were valuable for operational usage. Finally, successful historical counterinsurgencies were examined in relationship to the analytical framework that was utilized in order to understand how this analysis can lead to operational success.



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