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This dissertation builds on the organizational learning literature to develop and test a model of entrepreneurial learning in an increasingly prevalent organizational context – project ventures. Complementing prior research on project ventures, the focus is on the individual in charge of project venture execution. In extension of prior organizational learning research, this study examines the cross-level relationships between sub-dimensions of the entrepreneur’s prior venture experience and project-level learning outcomes. Specifically, this study investigates how the entrepreneur’s depth and breadth of experience affect three project-level outcomes: errors in project execution, novelty of project outcomes, and financial project performance. Testing the theory-based conjectures of this dissertation in a sample drawn from projects executed in the U.S. motion picture industry between 2000 and 2005 provides support for a model of learning across project ventures that accounts for sub-dimensions of prior venture experience and their differential effect on project-level outcomes. Depth of experience aids the avoidance of execution errors while breadth of experience increases the novelty of project outcomes. There is no conclusive support for a relationship of either depth or breadth of experience with the financial performance of project ventures. The implications of the findings for research on organizational learning and entrepreneurial learning are discussed and opportunities for future research are outlined. This dissertation contributes to recent research that has successfully applied organizational learning theory to better understand entrepreneurial behavior in project-venture settings.



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