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This study explored reading strategy-based reading instruction using science expository text between grades 2-5. The exploration revealed that elementary teachers used a variety of reading strategies using expository text for science instruction in grades 2-5, and that time barriers exist for strategy-based instruction using informational text. Spradley’s (1980) Developmental Reading Sequence, interviews, observations, and case studies of elementary science teachers in grades 2-5 were research techniques utilized for this study. This study centered on case studies of six elementary teachers and how they used reading strategies during science instruction. The findings of the study revealed that although the teachers’ use of expository text was limited during this study, the teachers utilized reading strategies that extended and elaborated the students’ oral discussions during science instruction. The classroom conversations about science topics extended the students’ background knowledge of the science concepts that related to science expository text materials in grades 2-5. This study revealed that the teachers in this study were concerned with the readability level of the science texts that are available in grades 2-5, and that time barriers that exist for science instruction during the school day. Implications for further research may include alignment of reading strategy instruction with science instruction using printed materials that are matched with the students’ instructional reading levels. Implications for further research include delving into why time is a barrier for science instruction related to expository text in the elementary grades. Further research may include how teachers can align the basal reader expository text selections with the science curriculum in elementary grades.



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