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In the present work, large eddy simulation is used to numerically investigate two types of shear flows in complex geometries, (i) a novel momentum driven countercurrent shear flow in dump geometry and (ii) a film cooling flow (inclined jet in crossflow). Verification of subgrid scale model is done through comparisons with measurements for a turbulent flow over back step, present cases of counter current shear and film cooling flow. In the first part, a three dimensional stability analysis is conducted for countercurrent shear flow using Dynamic mode decomposition and spectral analysis. Kelvin-Helmholtz is identified as primary instability mechanism and observed as global mode at a specific parameter. Mechanism of global mode synchronization over distinct spatial location is studied. In the second part, the flow physics of film cooling flows is analysed. The origin, evolution of various coherent flow structures and their role in film cooling heat transfer is studied based on detailed flow visualization. Further, the contribution of coherent structures in film cooling heat transfer and mixing is studied through modal analysis. Low frequency modes are found to have large contribution in cooling surface adiabatic temperature fluctuation while high frequency modes play larger role in bulk mixing. Finally, a new contoured crater shape is developed and shown to have improved performance at shallow depth compared to earlier designs.



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Acharya, Sumanta