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The present research was designed to address principals’ perceptions of meeting vision and collaboration standards in alternative schools. A multiple case study was used to accomplish the goals of this study. The objective and questions of this research pertains to school leaders’ behavior, knowledge, and performance within the context of a school leadership situation. Ecological theory framed this study as it refers to a student’s life within and outside of the school walls. The six research questions were formed and the basis of this exploration of two alternative school principals and contributes to an eventual portrait of the importance of school within a child’s ecosystem. The leaders had a story to tell and this qualitative research study allows for the principals to divulge this story. Specifically, this qualitative research study was designed to contribute to the knowledge base of how Performance Standards and Indicators for Education Leaders (ISLLC) standard one, mission/vision, and standard four, parent/community relations, were being met by two Louisiana alternative school principals. One of the seven themes that emerged from this research provided a spotlight on the principals’ and school interaction with the child’s ecosystem –school structures/discipline. The school structure/discipline was a consistent result from the data and consisted of student discipline referral system, student movement throughout the day, orientation process, and other administrative driven procedures designed to focus strictly on behavior policies. In this study, discipline permeated school operation. These principals’ fell short with meeting the two ISLLC standards most associated with the child’s ecosystem, and thus struggled with supporting the child’s ecosystem. The findings from this study did not indicate a great connection between the actions of individuals in the school and to the standards. Specifically, ISLLC standard one, mission and vision, were discussed but did not guide the school.



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