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This monograph provides a comprehensive discography of solo tuba works publicly released on compact disc. It is intended to aid tuba students, teachers, professionals, amateurs, and other enthusiasts in their search for recordings of solo literature. The project encompasses recordings released between 1982 (the year compact discs were invented) and the present. While previous attempts to catalogue tuba recordings have been made by other authors, those documents have certain limitations which this project corrects. Included in this discography are 317 total recordings, 145 of which were not included in any previous attempt. Of these 145, at least sixty-three were released prior to the most recent attempt published in 1996. In addition, this project includes detailed information concerning record labels, album numbers, release year, distributors, published reviews, accompanimental forces, and assisting musicians and/or ensembles. Within the body of the monograph, each album is listed alphabetically by the artist’s last name. If more than one recording was released by the same artist, the title of the album serves as a secondary data point. Within the back matter of this project, the appendices reorganize individual works by composer’s last name and by title of the work. Further appendices include contact information for review organizations, record labels, and distributors. In this work, “tuba” refers to the modern bass or contrabass tuba in the traditional keys of BBb, CC, Eb, or F. Categories of “tuba solo works” include the following: works for tuba alone, works for tuba and keyboard (piano, harpsichord, synthesizer, etc.), works for tuba and large ensemble (band, orchestra, etc.), works for tuba and chamber ensemble, and works for tuba with electronic or pre-recorded accompaniment. For limitations and exclusions, please reference the introduction. I project that this discography will be published online at The format for online publication will be a searchable database. The database will be available to members of the International Tuba and Euphonium Association. The result of this research is a comprehensive, sustainable document which contains all currently known tuba compact disc recordings. I hope that this work will serve as an important example for discographers of other instruments.



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