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The purpose of this document is to provide a complete performer’s guide to American composer Lori Laitman’s Living in the Body, a song cycle consisting of six songs for soprano and saxophone set to the poetry of Joyce Sutphen. Living in the Body is one of very few cycles written for soprano and saxophone, and the combination is both unusual and interesting to investigate. The cycle explores letting go of the past and focusing on what will happen in the second half of life. The text is set expertly for soprano, bringing important words to the listener’s attention while keeping the melody in a range that allows the singer to be understood. The E-flat alto saxophone adds to the rather bleak texture, creating a distinct atmosphere of nostalgia and often creating musical imagery to further describe the meaning of the text. This document contains information about the life and works of composer Lori Laitman and poet Joyce Sutphen. The cycle itself is explored, including the commission, premiere, compositional process, and general performance issues. An analysis of each poem and song in the Living in the Body is provided, as well as performance suggestions for each piece. Appendices with transcripts of interviews with composer, poet, and the two performers that premiered the cycle, are also included.



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