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Enrique Granados (1867- 1916) is one of the most important Spanish composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He achieved a significant musical career as a pianist, a composer, and a teacher. Among his large compositional output, his main interest was music for the piano. Although Granados’s piano works are generally regarded as very difficult, based on his well-known piano suite, Goyescas, he in fact wrote a number of intermediate-level solo piano pieces. Sadly, they have been a neglected area of piano literature. In fact, their variety of musical styles and singable melodies make them appealing pieces for students. They also provide a foundation for studying more difficult Spanish works as well as the advanced Romantic literature by standard composers such as Chopin, Schumann, and Liszt. Therefore, Granados’s intermediate pieces deserve to be an integral part of the intermediate-level piano repertoire, and more extensive examination of these pieces is needed. The purpose of this monograph is to provide a pedagogical analysis of selected intermediate-level solo piano works by Enrique Granados. Compositions were chosen based on their musical and pedagogical appeal and accessibility. Chapter One provides a brief introduction, followed by a biographical sketch of Granados. Chapter Two discusses Spanish and nineteenth century Romantic characteristics in Granados’s intermediate-level piano pieces. Chapter Three, the main body of the monograph, contains a detailed pedagogical analysis of selected intermediate-level piano works by Granados.



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