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Student veterans are flooding colleges and universities in numbers not seen since the end of World War II. Little is known about how these contemporary student veterans navigate the transition from military life to campus life. Few studies have documented the transition experiences of these student veterans by institution type or cultural region of the country. In Louisiana, nearly 7,000 students receive military benefits for higher education with this number steadily increasing (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2009, June). This study explores the transition experience of student veterans from military life to university life at four institutions of higher education in Louisiana. Transition experiences are compared by institution type. The notion of the southern military tradition and its impact on the transition experiences of Louisiana student veterans is considered. The researcher uses case study methodology to address the research questions. Schlossberg, Waters, and Goodman’s (1995) theory of adult transition aids in developing an understanding of how male combat veterans of the Global War on Terror transition from military life to college life. Findings and implications from this research will deepen the awareness of how institution type and regional culture influence transition resulting in a richer understanding of contemporary student veterans’ transition experiences and needs that influence student veteran persistence.



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