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Peter Klatzow has become one of the most prominent composers for keyboard percussion over the last thirty years. Several of his works have found their way into the standard repertoire for percussion. The primary purpose of this document is to serve as a performer’s guide to his Six Concert Etudes for Marimba. This document is intended to help percussionists become less intimidated by Klatzow’s music, and make it more approachable. By studying the technical and musical demands within the Concert Etudes, a percussionist will be better prepared to perform Klatzow’s other keyboard percussion compositions. Both technical and musical advice is provided for each etude. My research has included multiple performances of each etude, evaluation of techniques used, interviews with the composer, and an examination of his other works. A portion of my research has involved examining other documents that give a performer’s perspective on works for keyboard percussion. These documents include Robert Van Sice’s “The Marimba Music of Akira Miyoshi,” Eric Hollenbeck’s “Peter Klatzow’s Dances of Earth and Fire: An Analysis,” I-Jen Fang’s “The 1986 National Endowment of the Arts Commission: An Introspective Analysis of Two Marimba Works, Reflections on the Nature of Water by Jacob Druckman, and Velocities by Joseph Schwantner,” and Daniel Druckman’s “Marimba Master Class on Reflections on the Nature of Water.” In addition to the performer’s guide, this document includes information about the commission of the Six Concert Etudes for Marimba. For the musicians interested in biographical information about Peter Klatzow, a brief biography is also included. This document provides a detailed list of Klatzow’s entire works for percussion to date, including significant information about each work. The percussion catalog is separated into four categories: solo works, chamber, large ensemble works, and concertos.



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