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This is a dialogic ethnographic study of Jahleh, Shayde, and Ozra, three women living in Iran. Of the numerous approaches available, this study engages performance theory and oral history as its methodology. Viewed as performative acts, the oral histories in this project transposes narratives from a purely constative plane, to a plane whereby the “meaning” of narrative utterances is the very act by which they uttered. Centering on the process of meaning making rather than foraging for finite denotations or “Truths,” this research considers stories as constituting that which they represent. As such, in this project Jahleh, Shayde, and Ozra are situated as agents of action, shifting history from a recounting of what happened to an interpretation of what that happening meant. This work locates the women’s stories within their understandings of their life experiences, and their interpretations of how these stories related to collective membership in Iran’s social, political, and historical context.



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