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Gerald Finzi contributed few pieces to the field of choral music, however the works that have been made available are filled with charm and finesse. Similar to the manner of Duparc, his small output encompasses great depth, beauty, and ingenuity. One such work is For St. Cecilia, Op. 30. Hidden behind the veil of the tradition of English musical festivals, Finzi’s St. Cecilia along with other great works became otherwise lost or discarded in the milieu of nineteenth and twentieth century British composition. Uncovering Finzi’s ode, one might find the size of orchestra and chorus a bit daunting. However, in a day where accommodating editions and arrangements have become commonplace, there is a need to present a reduced and approachable orchestration. In addition to the need for bringing this work into the light is the need to perform the work. Studying Finzi’s manuscript and poetry revealed poetic and musical intent. These findings enhanced the overall understanding and performance level of the conductor and the ensemble that premiered the reduced orchestration. Furthermore, the discoveries made while researching this piece historically, musically, and poetically substantiated the new arrangement. The orchestration process navigated through many obstructions, but overall found a balance in its finality that hopefully complements Finzi’s original intent.



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