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This research effort was intended to identify the non-medical job skills projected to be needed by in-home paraprofessional caregivers of today and beyond as indicated by a Delphi panel of caregiving experts from public and private business areas as well as academia. Thirty Delphi participants were selected based on a qualifying questionnaire. Actual respondents, however, numbered 29 for Round 1, 24 for Round 2 and 23 for Round 3. Each round asked participants to respond to a survey as prompted by an open ended statement. Within the Round 1 process, participants indicated which non-medical skills from the prepared list they considered important to current and future paraprofessional in-home caregivers. They also added any other skills they believed to be worthy of consideration. Round 1 presented a prepared list of 68 skills in 7 categories. Round 2 presented 128 skills in 8 categories for which panelists provided ratings from a Likerttype scale. Round 3 presented 130 skills of which individually identified revisions were solicited toward consensus. This round produced 3 new skills which were not rated. Overall the final round achieved consensus ranging from 71% to 100% on all 130 rated items. Over the three rounds, 133 skills were identified and 130 acknowledged as having some level of importance to the effectiveness and efficiency of the paraprofessional inhome caregiver. All skills/competencies receiving rating consideration by the Delphi panelists were considered to possess some degree of importance. Importance ratings assigned by participants considered 29 as Extremely Important, 56 Very Important, 35 Important, 10 Somewhat Important while none were considered Not Important.



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