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The Saxophone Symposium is the journal of the North American Saxophone Alliance and is a peer-reviewed academic publication. Since 1976, its readership has enjoyed articles on a variety of saxophone related topics as well as reviews of contemporary recordings and publications. Aside from these academic applications, The Saxophone Symposium is an historical account of some of the saxophone culture in North America and beyond. Academic journals such as this are invaluable to both students and educators, and the ability to access the information within them is vital. Prior to the digital age, the majority of serious academic journals have been archived within bound collections, which are sometimes accompanied by an index of the materials in each collection. It is now becoming more common to find these materials available through online databases such as The Music Index, WorldCat, RILM, and JSTOR. Unfortunately, The Saxophone Symposium is rarely available as a bound collection and is not fully archived through digital databases. The accessibility of this important journal is dependent upon its individual print availability, and there is no complete index of its content in existence. Saxophone as an academic study has not enjoyed the same long, rich history as other areas of the music discipline, but the output of writings, repertoire and research materials produced in our field is impressive given the constraints of history. I believe it imperative that the community of saxophonists should enjoy access to everything that The Saxophone Symposium has to offer. This project will provide that access.



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